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Wedding Marquee Hire in Essex

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

Wedding Marquee Hire in Essex

A wedding is a day that we all long for. Everyone cannot wait to be united with their significant other, their other half, their everything. Your wedding day is the start of a new chapter, the part in your story where you no longer walk alone. The part where time freezes and the searching, yearning, unrequited love becomes a distant memory. The satin dress, dashing tux – or mesmerizing traditional clothing signifies the unification of people who love each other dearly.

A wedding is not simply just one thing, one event. It is something which is the culmination of numerous little things. Touching glances vows, I do’s, a kiss, a dance, cutting a cake, an announcement of passionate love. A fleetingly transient moment that not even Da Vinci could catch as colors alone would not be enough to capture the inexpressible incongruous emotions attached to the one day. Marquee hire in Essex makes sure that wedding is special!

Everybody has unique tastes and different ideas about what the “perfect” wedding is. No wedding is identical, no feeling the same – people experience things subjectively, this subjective impact affects us in profoundly different ways. Wedding marquee hire services are increasingly popular. We at Vicarage Marquees understand that people are different, and have different ideas about things. As a result, our marquee hire in Essex has gained popularity due to our appreciation of this fact. We understand that planning a wedding is stressful. As a result, we have an events management team who can assist you every step of the way – giving you peace of mind and enabling you to breathe a little. We offer various services and in partnership with many establishments. This makes us the obvious choice for marquee hire in Essex.

Besides creating long-lasting, fantastical memories, Vicarage Marquees offers many services. We have two gorgeous venues on offer which would make any royal envious – the bold Blenheim Palace and the suave Sutton Hall. On top of this, we can arrange lighting to your desire – fairy lights to invite the fairies or to depict the stars. Buffet or three-course menu? Our caterer will make your food to match the auspicious occasion. Still struggling over the wedding cake? We can help! We can set up the dance floor of your dreams so that you can show off your polished first dance. our marquee set up team knows how to erect a tent with room to spare. We can also arrange bar hire, seating, tables, and sound – your wish is our command. To ensure we tailor everything to suit your needs, get in touch with us.

The pandemic has caused complications for businesses globally, imposing severe complications on Britain’s building and construction industry. COVID-19 imposes strict obligations on such companies and Vicarage Marquees marquee hire in Essex, can ease your burden. We can achieve this by setting up marquees to maintain social-distancing. If you need assistance, or a viable business solution to ensure continued operations, we are happy to help. Given the way things are going, we are prepared to do things on short notice. However, this will be subject to the complexity of the event you are planning.

If COVID is an obstacle to your dream wedding, talk to us and we will endeavour to make your wedding a reality!

Looking for 'marquee hire near me'? You can contact us on 01702 232200. You can also email us at, providing us with every last detail and our friendly team will get you started! To get a better idea of what we can do for you, and the types of marquees to hire?. The proof is in the pudding – if you still don’t know if we are your best choice, read through the testimonials on our website. Alternatively, you can chat with our team via the chat portal on our website. Look up our Facebook page, @vicarage. marquees and let our stunning photos do the talking! Or, #tweet us @VicarageMarquee.

Our operations are based in Hockley, Essex and we offer event hire services all over South East, Hertfordshire and London.

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