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Top Tips on Organising The Perfect Outdoor Event

Getting Your Party or Event Started

Top Tips on Organising The Perfect Outdoor Event

Marquee hire in Essex is particularly popular during the beautiful British summer months, used for a wide variety of different events. In our marquee hire Essex experience here at Vicarage Marquees, these events range all the way from elegant, jaw-dropping weddings to raucous, rambunctious music festivals, and everything in between. In this blog post, we will share our top tips for organising the perfect outdoor event, based on our many years of experience of marquee hire in Essex. We believe that the key to a successful outdoor event comes down to planning, planning, planning. Additionally, learning to expect the unexpected, along with meticulous preparation is crucial.

Marquee hire in Essex is possibly just one of the many items that will form part of an exhaustive to-do list when planning your outdoor event. However, long before this part of the process, you will need to start at the beginning; deciding what type of event you will be hosting. You will find that once this aspect is decided, everything else will revolve around this. You would not have the same security requirements for a music festival as you would for a jubilee, for example. It is also essential to stick to the type of event you had in mind, rather than trying to change or “upgrade” the event once planning has commenced.

Preparation Is The Key To a Successful Event

Once the type of event has been established, the marquee hire in Essex part of your planning will allow you to make more educated decisions around the marquee you need. This will determine if your marquee needs a floor or not, partitions or not, lightning or not, etc. Vicarage Marquees also strongly suggest that you start planning your event well in advance. This not only allows you to take advantage of early bird discounts, but also takes an enormous amount of pressure off of you. Additionally, plan in stages according to priority so that you can rest assured that you aren’t running around last minute trying to book things that usually require notice periods such as marquee hire.

Marquee hire in Essex experts Vicarage Marquees also suggest that practical considerations be well thought out and properly taken care of. This includes aspects such as bathroom facilities, power supply, parking, accessibility, etc. If your venue lacks one or more of these aspects, you will need to make special arrangements for this. It is crucial that your guests are still comfortable and taken care of at your outdoor event. Additionally, it is also important to make sure that there are sufficient first aid kits and/or medical staff on hand to help you manage medical emergencies.

Finding the Perfect Marquee at Vicarage Marquees

Furthermore, it is important to be prepared for something to inevitably go wrong. Whether your catering company is going to arrive later than arranged, or an unexpected thunderstorm arrives mid-event, something is bound to go wrong. This is simply the nature of event-planning, but keeping calm and being flexible will make a world of difference for you, as well as your event staff. Essentially, having back-up plans in place, especially when it comes to the weather, is crucial. If you are going ahead with marquee hire Essex, then it pays to ensure that marquee requested ticks all the right boxes for your event!

Vicarage Marquees is your one stop shop if you are looking for marquee hire in Essex. Whether you are strictly looking at hiring a marquee, or a more full-serviced package, we have the deal for you! Our various services packages will help your perfect outdoor event come to life. Contact marquee hire Essex experts Vicarage Marquees today to find out how we can help you plan the perfect outdoor event! Regardless of the size, nature or needs of your event, we are committed to helping you bring your event vision to life in the best way possible!

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