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Wedding Marquee Ideas

Wedding Marquee Ideas

Marquee weddings are getting requested more day by day, this is because they proved efficiency and flexibility with the planning. In addition, they have proven that they provide originality and authenticity to the wedding site. They also give you the opportunity of having an outdoor wedding on the beach, in gardens and at many other special sites. Your options are then limitless regarding the area of the wedding. If you are looking for wedding marquees in Essex, contact Vicarage marquees today to be aided by their suppliers and their experienced site crews. You will not only be provided with luxurious and phenomenal wedding marquees but you will also be supplied with any material or services you need. The planning will then become easier and more pleasant, and it will yield a special, memorable, and outstanding wedding.

Design Your Wedding Venue from Blank

The most special feature about marquee hire for weddings is that you will get to create your dream venue from scratch. This means that every aspect of the venue can be modified to fit your expectations. You will be able to choose the shape, size, and theme of the marquee. This will provide you with flexibility regarding your guest list in addition to your marquee’s design. Additionally, you will be able to display the furniture you like as Vicarage Marquees also provide a chair, table, and carpet hire. This is not everything! They can also supply you with lighting and sound services that will make your venue more interesting and exciting. And for the services that are not provided by them, they recommend a series of experienced, well-trusted suppliers that will make your wedding go smoothly. These services include catering, transportation, and others. You can also request an experienced site crew from Vicarage Marquees which will aid you with all the installation and site services.

Choose Your Wedding Site Freely

Another major advantage of having a marquee wedding is that you get to choose any area or site you want. This provides flexibility with the planning allowing you to widen your options. This is a great opportunity for you to host your wedding in special and magnificent outdoor areas. You will be able to enjoy the natural lighting and ventilation as well as the exceptional view. In addition to a luxurious and classy indoor venue. This feature can only be provided by marquees as they allow you to enjoy both a fancy indoor venue and an outdoor wedding site. This is a great option for any sudden weather circumstances or problems. Search for marquee hire near me and check out the services provided by Vicarage marquees especially for luxurious weddings.

Bleinham Palace Marquee Wedding

Wedding Marquee Ideas

One of the most outstanding marquee wedding venues is the Bleinham Palace. As the Bleinham Palace has an enormous and exceptional garden around it, it is the perfect choice for hosting a classy wedding. This site provides not only an amazing parkland for a marquee setting, but it also provides a private wedding party for close family members. The outdoor garden provides a marquee are for up to 2000 guests. So if you are looking forward to hosting a huge, phenomenal wedding, visit Vicarage Marquees and coordinate with the Bleinham palace. This will give you the chance of hosting the wedding of your dreams without having to put up with all the planning stress and mind-spinning procedure. Let the experts handle the planning while you sit back and enjoy the wedding thrills. And if you want to host an astonishing private wedding party, ask Vicarage Marquees for the party marquee hire where you will get an unforgettable celebration and memorable day.

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