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Hire The Best Marquees In Essex

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

Hire The Best Marquees In Essex

Marquees come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and have fairy lights or the likes strung on them. One would typically see a marquee at a fair, wedding, ball, concert, or even a business conference. The beauty of a marquee is that it offers an affordable yet elegant solution to hosting a large group of people. Furthermore, they can fill any space available and can create a structure where there is none. This simple beauty allows for fantastical and wild ventures into the heart of the British countryside. This means that one can find themselves privy to an unadulterated view of the county. In Essex particularly, marquees have been gaining popularity due to their flexibility and choices they offer. Their durability also ensures that they are impervious to rain and all the elements, marquees can also be kitted out to extremes with some having interiors one would only dream of with aristocracy. So when you are looking for marquee hire in Essex, Vicarage Marquees have the marquee for you!

The best marquees in Essex can be found near you and are supplied by Vicarage Marquees. Vicarage Marquees has been in operation for over twenty years and has extensive experience in setting up wedding venues, business conferences, concerts, school events, and more. Our popularity is indicative of the fact that we have the best marquees in Essex. We understand that each client has a different idea that they would like realized. As a result, we are more than happy to engage with clients on a personal level, going along with them step-by-step until the job is done. This is why we have an events management team, who are highly experienced and know how to make an event a roaring success. This personal touch, this undivided attention is what has made past clients testify that we have the offer all marquee hire in Essex.

Hire The Best Marquees In Essex

Vicarage marquees offer an extensive range of services: we cover sound and light staging; dance floors; chairs; tables. We can cover anything from concerts to street fairs and all other events and celebration marquees – if you need a marquee we will gladly help you out. We know our way around a concert area and our marquee set up team knows are the best. With ease, they can maximize space and sound to provide your fans with an unforgettable experience. Our special events are weddings. We know just how to make that the day. If you need a wedding marquee you should know that we have covered weddings since our inception and have been privileged to be known as the providers of the best marquees in Essex. We are partnered with various suppliers such as caterers; drivers; chair and table experts, who share our commitment to perfection. We even offer amazing bar hire and LED hire With us, you are sure to have the best wedding and the best marquees in Essex!

Hire The Best Marquees In Essex

COVID-19 has caused numerous complications for everyone. We understand that the building and construction industry is under strain. We offer spacing and indoor solutions for building and construction companies that need to comply with COVID-19 measures. However, it is not just these businesses we offer solutions to. If you are a business who needs to create space, or you are simply trying to ensure that your students can write practical exams, we are more than happy to assist you in creating that space. With the best marquees in Essex, rest assured, you will survive and prosper.

Our phone number is 01702 232200. Or, you can email us at with every detail (big or small) and our friendly consultants will happily assist you in kick-starting your dream event. Wondering if there is a marquee to hire near me? Yes, there is! To better understand our services, you can check out all our Vicarage Marquee services. Our website has a chat page, enabling you to discuss the various options with our friendly consultants. #Tweet us @VicarageMarquee or look us up on Facebook @vicarage.marquees to better understand why we have the best marquees in Essex. We are based in Hockley and offer services all over Essex, the South East, and London.

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