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Affordable Portable Bar Hire in Essex

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

Affordable Portable Bar Hire in Essex

Essex, the home of many wonderful things simply British, has one or two secrets to offer. Tucked away in Hertfordshire is a business who specializes in events and creating magic. Vicarage Marquees is a company who hires out marquees in Essex (from Southend to Hockley). Vicarage Marquees has over twenty years of experience in the business – with their

assistance your event will be smooth sailing. Vicarage Marquees appreciates that every event is unique and is a custom job. A custom job requires a certain finesse – a touch of magic one would say. An event is not really an event without drinks – how can a wedding exist without champagne? How can a concert last without the RedBull fueled fanatics? Vicarage Marquees can help you with a swish of a wand – keeping your events cool as ice. This is because Vicarage Marquee has a unique service – portable bar hire in Essex.

Wedding Marquee Hire in Essex

Obviously, no one likes warm Champagne. Most weddings, concerts, business events revolve around one issue, cost management. No sane businessman, wedding planner or event organizer would use a marquee if they could not sell cool refreshments. A wedding planner cannot simply just pitch a tent and say his job is done. An Events organizer has a sworn duty to create a truly magical experience for their customer. That is why Vicarage Marquees is unique, we are more than a simple tent hiring service. Vicarage Marquees understands the pressure of organizing big events. Thus, to keep things cool, Vicarage Marquees offers a portable bar hire service in Essex and surrounds. Vicarage Marquees appreciates that you may have any between fifty and over a thousand guests. Hence, we are flexible and can supply as many portable bars as you need, as well as marquees in Essex.

We at Vicarage Marquees are more than just an event marquee hire service. We gained our reputation for our weddings and the magnificent venues that we have to offer – Blenheim Palace and Sutton Hall. However, we have a few more tricks up our sleeves. In addition to portable bars for hire, we can assist you in planning your next big celebration, your school fair or dance and even your business conference. We understand that planning events can be stressful. Thus, we have an events management team who can help you every step of the way. We cover everything – from lighting to seating arrangements. Our competent team can

set up a marquee faster than a flick of a wand. They will even have time to erect a dance floor! We use various suppliers who can add that X-factor to any occasion - food, van hire or even entertainment.

Obviously, the pandemic has caused numerous complications for all businesses. Vicarage Marquees offers solutions for businesses, schools and construction companies that need to comply with COVID-19 measures.

You can call us on 01702 232200. Alternatively, you can email us at outlining every detail and our friendly consultants will happily assist you with your marquee hire. To get a better idea of what we can do for you, check out our full range of event hire services . You can also read some of our amazing testimonials on our website. We also have a chat page on our website in which you can discuss options with our friendly consultants as you scroll through our pages. If all else fails you can tweet us @VicarageMarquee or look us up on Facebook @vicarage. marquees and let our stunning photos do the talking! We are situated in Hockley, Essex and offer services all over South East, Essex, Hertfordshire and London.

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