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Utilise Your Outdoor Space For Business

Updated: May 24, 2021

An Overview of Phase 2 Out Of Lockdown

Utilise Your Outdoor Space For Business

The 12th of April was met with grins and sighs of relief as Step 2 in the roadmap out of lockdown was welcomed. The easing of various lockdown measures is a positive sign towards some form of getting back to what might be considered normal. Or, at least, more normal than during a global pandemic. Some of these measures include the allowance of domestic overnight stays, however, these are limited to your household or support bubble. All retail will be allowed to open, including hairdressers, nail and beauty salons. Gyms, indoor sports facilities and spas may be opened for your own use, or with your household or support bubble. Saunas and steam rooms remain closed.

Hostels, hotels and B&B’s are to remain closed. However, camping and self-contained holiday accommodation are permitted. Nonetheless, domestic travel is advised to be kept to a minimum and where possible, to avoid busy travel times or routes. Furthermore, international travel is not permitted without a legally permitted reason. Failure to comply with the international travel ban could land you a £5,000 fine.

Good News For the Hospitality Industry

Funerals may continue to be held with a limit of 30 attendees. Commemorative events such as wakes can take place with up to 15 attendees on premises that are permitted to open. Additionally, if you have been waiting to tie the knot, you may have your chance now. Granted, of course, that there may only be 15 attendees at your reception, in a venue that is legally allowed to be open. Places of worship are open and communal worship is permitted, as long as you maintain social distance from people outside of your household or support bubble, especially indoors.

Even though indoor entertainment remains closed, outdoor settings and attractions, such as zoos and theme parks open for household or support bubble members. Great news for pubs, bars and restaurants that may open outdoors for groups of six people or two households. Additionally, those that serve alcohol must provide table service.

Car Park Pubs Allowed

Utilise Your Outdoor Space For Business

The new rule allows bars to reopen on the condition that they operate outdoors. This has meant that for many bars and restaurants that do not have an existing beer garden or outdoor seating section, they need to get creative. As a result, parking lots are being transformed into outdoor seating sections with the help of marquees and tents. This is seeing a rise in an alfresco style of dining and drinking. Those who do not have established outdoor areas need not miss out on the opportunity to return to operate. If your bar, pub or restaurant has an outdoor space, you can repurpose it to your advantage.

Vicarage Marquees can assist you to transform your parking lot into a stunning and completely functional terrace where you can legally serve customers. We can assist you with the right size marquee for your outdoor space and also help you to set up inside the marquee to ensure that your tables are socially distant. Let us help you to utilise your outdoor space for business.

Don’t Miss Out On This Opportunity

Transforming your car park into a car park pub also has the added benefit of encouraging responsible drinking, since you won’t be able to park your car! Jokes aside, the vulnerable hospitality industry is taking advantage of this lifeline to start operations before indoor serving is allowed again. Vicarage Marquees encourages you to have a look at our range of marquees that is perfect for this occasion. Protecting your clients from the elements in any outdoor climate, we can provide you with any necessary extras. This includes heating, flooring, lighting, and even luxury toilets for your patrons.

If you would like to utilise your outdoor space for business during this time, Vicarage Marquees in Hockley has the perfect solution for you. We are Covid ready and compliant, ensuring peace of mind to all of our clients. Get in touch with us today to get your outdoor restaurant or pub-going!

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